My sculptures work well either inside or in the garden. This section of the website shows you how they have been displayed by their new owners. More images will be added from time to time.

One of my Canary Cactuses taking it easy in a garden in North Devon.

This was one of the very first sculptures I sold! How lovely it looks at home in Nottingham.

“ I loved the very first Tidepools piece - the twisting form and contrasting blue/black glazes - as soon as I saw it online. I was thrilled to purchase this one from the series.” Richard, Nottingham.

"Love this piece: I can turn it round whenever I like, and each viewpoint is different.” Dave, North Devon.

"Waterfall Head sits majestically on the outside table reviewing the scenery, and often, supervising the children at tea!" Melissa, Wanaka, New Zealand.